Southern Sweden

Welcome to Southern Sweden!

Famous for its extremely continental character and multicultural appeal, the Swedish city of Malmö cannot help but be influenced by Denmark's nearby capital of Copenhagen. Copenhagen is situated just across the water and is linked by the spectacular Oresund BridgeEurope's longest bridge combining both road and rail. The skyline of Malmo is particularly interesting and rather extraordinary, since the city seems to be filled with some rather unusual structures, such as the hard-to-miss Turning Torso tower, designed by the world famous arcitect Santiago Calatrava, which twists its way high into the sky. 


Malmö is the only major city in Northern Europe that boasts its very own downtown beach. The parks of Malmö and the canals that wind their way around the older parts of town really add to the 'Malmö experience' and are oases of peace and calm away from the buzz of the city-centre.


The city of Malmö offers many green parks, a lovely atmosphere and different conference facilities. You can for example have your conference in the famous buildning Turning Torso.