Welcome to Bergen!

Bergen is situated on the west coast of Norway and has  a unique combination of culture and nature. The 7 mountains surround Bergen, which characterizes the city and its climate.

Bergen was the biggest city and capital of Norway until 1830 when Oslo eventually took over.


It is the entrance to the Hardangerfjord, the second longest fjord (180 km) that is also called Norway´s apple chamber. The fjords are remnants of the last ice time when the huge ice masses pressed the mountains apart and left these deep valleys, which got gilled with the melted water of the ice. Some places in the fjords are up to 1000 meters deep.


Here the Hanseats created the flair of the city which was a part of the Hanseatic League and the Hanseatic Quarters are today on the UNESCO Heritage list. That part and the famous fish market are the core of the city. Everything is within walking distance and the city´s charming centre is vibrating with life.

 The contrast of this area are just overwhelming and leaves lasting impressions in every visitor.

The Hardangerfjord, "the Queen of Fjords“ and the Sognefjord “The King of Fjords” as well as the Fyske, an arm of the fjord that is so narrow you feel you can reach out and touch the mountains on either side, are all within reach of the city of Bergen.