Welcome to Norway!

Norway is a country of contrasts based on nature, culture and people. With a territory stretching 2700 km up to the North and a population of 5.1 milion inhabitants. Norway is a country you can't miss!


The landscape is formed by steep mountains, deep valleys with magnificent fjords, a huge variety of mountains and idyllic coast areas will leave you breathless. WIthout forget the fresh air. All this are the main trademarks and resources of Norway. Here you can visit the historical Viking Ship Museumgo on a boat trip all the way from the magnificent fjords of Norway to the awesome ice-filled bays of Antarctica or enjoy what the amazing capital Oslo has to offer.

The capital city Oslo is a truly interesting and fascinating capital, where the inhabitants use actively the surrounding nature.

The city is in rapid development and is a popular venue for national and international activities. It is located at the end of the 110 km long Oslo Fjord and has a vast forest area stretching out to the back of the city. It is called the “15 minutes city - the city with the healthy lifestyle”. Within 15 minutes you can go to incredible forests with thousands of kilometres of cross-country tracks or one of the many lakes for a picnic or rest after some activities. There are also many sandy beaches on the islands in Oslo fjord.


Norway has amazing landscapes both in North as in the South.

Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway. Located on the west coast of Norway next to the Atlantic Ocean and has a population of about 278 inhabitants. The city is known as the city of seven mountains.


In northen Norway you will find the Northern Lights in the winter and Midnight Sun in the summer. This are the  amazing phenomena that you can't miss.  You will meet the farmers, fishers and Sámi people in the North. Visit the fabulous cities Tromsö and Lofoten

Funny fact: Norway also enjoys the story of Cinderella where until 1969 it was one of the poorest countries in Europe until a famous day in December when oil was discovered. Norway is today one of the richest countries in the world and probably a country with the healthiest life style based on the closeness and connectedness to nature by the Norwegians.