Welcome to Finland!

NW Production presents you the Winter in Scandinavia!

Looking for space, fresh air, stimulating culture events and exciting activities? You have arrived to the right country.
Finland has a population of just around 5,4 million people, a strong economy and a high standard of living. A world leader in technological research country.

Finland has thousands of lakes where Saimaa is the 5th biggest is all Europe.

Finland is much more than just snow, Santa (though the real one does come from Finnish Lapland) and Nokia mobile phones. There’s much more to Finland than what you can imagine.


Helsinkithe capital city, is filled with history, culture and famous nightlife. A seaside city stretching out to pretty islands where green expanses are never far away. It is easy to get around by foot or using the excellent tram service. 

If you go to Finland during the winter you have to visit the real Santa Clause Village in the northern part of the country. Here you can also drive on ice and sleep in an ice igloo. Finland is also famous for desing, sauna and unspoiled nature. In its northern part, Lapland, you can stay in the only glass igloos in the world and experience many exciting activities. Fot instance, you can see the Northern Lights and get a ride on a husky sled or a rendeer sledge, ride on a snowmobile or an ice-kart, hike during summer and ice-fish during winter. Finland has a lot to show!

Ivalo is a village in the municipality of Inari, located in Finnish Lapland. It is a very exotic and peaceful place where you will find the only glass igloos in the world. Here you will be able to admire the Northern Lights and millions of stars clear sky in a room temperature.

The avarage of saunas in Finland is one per house. The Finnish tradition is once a week (usually on Saturdays) they will go to the sauna. While visiting Finland you have to be part of this Finnish tradition and culture. Take an idyllic custom-built cabin out on the lake and experience a nice breathtaking swim in a hole in the frozen ice.