Word of Value

At NW Production, we work out of our word of values both in our daily work and also in all our assignments.

Commitment – we are personal in our commitment and we are enthusiastic in what we do. We involve ourselves in our clients needs, wishes and processes. Together, with our job initiator, we work our way through to a result which is well adapted to the demand and will enable a good outcome.

Curiosity – We are curious about what is going on around us. We always want to get as much information as possible to be able to deliver to our satisfaction to our clients. Our attitude helps us to constantly develop ourselves and this benefits our customers and partners.  Our curiosity makes us creative, positive and happy.

Efficiency – it is important for us to be efficient to be able to deliver on time. We take care of our network in and outside our trade to be able to offer a wide enough knowledge as possible to our job initiators. We are well aware of that our customers need proficient and efficient help to be able to meet their needs. We are a close-knit team that works efficiently together.

Personal – We are personal towards both customers and suppliers, which therefore will then create a trust between all.