SRF Membership

Membership in SRF - a quality label!

We are members of The Association of Swedish Travel Agents and Tour Operators (SRF). The companies which are its members are obligated to follow the guidelines that the association issues. Those who are consulting a company which is a member in the SRF shall be able to trust that the member has set the required warranties and also follows the laws and constitutions as well as has a high service level and competent co-workers. 

This is why you should consult a Travel Agent which is a member in the SRF: 

   *  We will help you before, during and after the trip
   *  We have access to many different booking-channels
   *  We will find more affordable solutions
   *  We are advisors on behalf of the customers
   *  We will cherish the client through personal contact 

Always consult a Travel Agency which is a member of The Association of Swedish Travel Agents and Tour Operators. Only Travel Agency that has financial stability can be a member of the SRF. A requirement for membership is also that the company has set necessary Travel warranties.

The European Commission has, in consultation with the members of the state´s Flight Safety Authority, created a list over Airline Companies which do not  fulfil the fundamental security requirements. SRF refers to the European Commission´s updated list on blacklisted airline companies which you can see here: Blacklisted airlines