The staff who takes care of you at NW Production is:

Nina Widtskiöld –the founder of NW production
She grew up in Bad Homburg in Germany and did her university studies in Strasbourg, France. Nina has a vast experience and a sure instinct for details when it comes to all kinds of events. Today she is running NW Production together with her employees and partners. During the years in this business, Nina has built up a valuable network of contacts around the world, which is a great asset to be able to provide a high class of service!

Languages: Swedish, English, German and French

Phone: +46 40-301734 Mobile: +46 705-541734

Teresa Werdinius - Project Manager
She has worked in the travel industry for the last 15 years, with different responsibilities. During these years, she has conducted a multitude of exciting projects and brought together people around the world. She studied in Switzerland, lived in London and have family and friends in many parts of the world. Teresa works, preferably in close understanding and relationship with the customer and she wants to create experiences that touches and engages everyone. She visited Southern Europe and parts of Asia. She really enjoys when they offer history, culture and cuisine experiences to speak a little extra. Another Teresa favorite is Buenos Aires, a city that according to her will not leave anyone disappointed with his passionate tango, exciting history, markets and sports.

Languages​​: Swedish, English, German and French

Phone: +46 40-301734 Mobile: +46 760-071431


Emy Borg - Project Assistant
Emy is very passionate about new meetings, people and the travel indusry. She graduated from Akademi Båstads University with specialization in tourism and service in 2017. Earlier, Emy lived in London, where interest in service and events became stronger. She also lived in Zanzibar in Tanzania where she, among other things, worked with local youth at a school in Paje village. Emy has on several occasions been involved in major events such as Handball EM, Sports Gala, Sofiero's 150th Anniversary, Tennis Week in Båstad and Pope's Visit to Malmö. Emy is often at places where exciting things happen and is always up for new challenges.

Languages: Swedish, English and Danish

Phone: +46 40 301734 Mobile: +46 705-831734

Susanne Hylén - Sales
Susanne is passionate about helping people and providing good service! She has long experience of entrepreneurship, sales, travel and networking. Susanne's experience includes 15 years in the travel industry as a tour guide, flight attendant and group travel manager. She has also worked with sale of real estate abroad, as a marketing assistant at a international pharmaceutical company, sales and media manager at a large educating company, sales manager and team leader at a large Swedish education company. Susanne also has a diving certificate and has sailed around Själland.

Languages: Swedish, English, Danish

Phone: +46 40 301734 Mobile: +46 763-051734

Lisa Hervier - Project Assistant
Lisa has for many years been on NW Productions many different arrangements. She started at NW Production in spring 2013, where she assists project managers and runs the administration. She has travelled a lot in her life and loves to discover new cities and cultures, both hot and cold destinations. She enjoys everything new and exciting. Lisa has also studied in France in Aix-en-Provence.

Languages: Swedish, English and French

Phone: +46 40-301734

Karin Högborg - Finance Manager
Karin takes care of the economy of NW Production. She has also worked within the travel industry for many years.

Languages: English 




Equi Tours

Below you can read about staff of our partner Equi Tours. We share facilities and work together if needed.

Marie Nyberg
She has over 15 years experience with various types of equestrian sportingevents and trips within the trotting and flat racing ( Together with Equitours, NW Production has access to a large network of suppliers. Nina Widtskiöld and Marie Nyberg have worked together for several years. 

Languages: French and English



Annika Månsson - Project Manager.
Annika has worked in the travel industry for 5 years, after her education in Tourism Management. Equestrian sport is one of her favorite things to do, as well as discovering new places around the world. Annika has been travelling around the world since she was very young and has many unique experiences from other cultures she has visited. Annika is always full of creative ideas for kick-off´s and events. If you want an exciting and unusual event, then Annika is the creative person full of ideas! For her, there is nothing that is impossible to do, and she will organize everything at the highest standard to meet the customer requirements.

Languages​​: English and German